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Angelegna, or Angelegna High School, was a gag that was published in the Drag-on Dragoon 2 ~Memory of Blood~ materials book on November 25, 2005. It was a gag setting which put the DOD2 characters into a modern-day school setting and styled as a Japanese dating sim.

The Angelegna story made another appearance in the DOD 10th Anniversary -World Inside- book for the sake of nostalgia. All characters were drawn by series character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka.[1]

The characters were described as follows[2]:

  • Zhangpo-san - School clerk
  • Yaha-sensei - Brilliantly beautiful art teacher
  • Legna -  Mysterious man in a black coat with puppet
  • Angel -  Woman agent wearing a red mask
  • His Excellency, Vice Principal Gismor -  Ambitious and power-hungry
  • Caim-sensei -  Silent math teacher
  • Nowe -  Messiah of the athletic club
  • Urick-senpai -  Man whose nickname is Death
  • Eris -  Class leader with strict public morals
  • Manah The “Goddess” - school idol
  • Principal Verdelet -  Founder of the school’s deep faith
  • Hanch-sensei -  Licensed teacher who has bad luck with men



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