Asherah was the Goddess of the Seal before Furiae. She only appears in supplementary material for the games.


Note: These events follow Drag-On Dragoon 3 Story Side.


Not much is known about Asherah, but the commoners and aristocrats opposed her being the Goddess. A rumor stated that she selfishly fell in love and eloped with Gaap. Her affair earned her the Gods' wrath and led to the kingdom's fall. It's true that she did visit the kingdom, but her reasons for leaving her duties are never clear. It's roughly implied that she left since she opposed the Goddess and seal system. The rumor was accepted as the truth for commoners. She likely perished sometime after the kingdom fell.

Drag-On Dragoon Judgement

Note: These events are not considered canonical.

In the Judgement manga, the rumours about her are revealed to be true.


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