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The guardian who raised Nowe, he lives with him at the headquarters of the Knights of the Seal. His dragon-born pride will not permit him to deal with any human being other than Nowe, whom he treats like a son. The combination of his pride and his paternal feelings often exhibits itself in a tendency to lecture Nowe.
— Official Website Description

Legna is a black dragon, a species of dragon that prefers to feast on the flesh of humans. He was once in service to the Empire during its war with the Union. He is the pact partner of Inuart. Legna becomes the caretaker of a boy named Nowe after the end of the war.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Note: These events follow Drag-On Dragoon 3 Story Side.


the Anguish of an unsmiling Watcher

While serving the Empire, Legna entered a pact with Inuart after the latter swears his loyalty to the Empire. Together the two of them confront Caim and the red dragon. Legna and Inuart engage the duo in battle and waste little effort in defeating them. They succeed in abducting the Goddess of the Seal, Furiae. Then they once again engage in battle with Caim and Red at the Sky Fortress.

After Furiae commits suicide, Inuart realizes that by bringing her to the Empire, he had ensured her demise. He flies into battle with Caim again and shows his longing for Furiae by saying her name repeatedly during the battle.

Broken and unstable, he takes Furiae's corpse and flies from the sky fortress, the legend of the seeds of resurrection in his mind. Their eventual fate remains unknown.

flowers for the Broken spirit

Inuart decides to take Furiae to one of the Seeds of Resurrection, believing that it will resurrect her. Caim races to stop him, but doesn't reach him in time. The Seed does in fact revive Furiae, but she is reborn as a winged monster and not the girl he loved. The monstrous Furiae kills Inuart, thus killing Legna as well.

a Companion's eternal farewell

Inuart decides to take Furiae to one of the Seeds of Resurrection, believing that it will resurrect her. Caim races to stop him and succeeds. Inuart dies and so does the black dragon.

the wild dreams of a Deluded child

Caim manages to find the Priestess before finding Furiae. She is revealed to be the sister of Seere. After realizing that she's beyond hope, Seere asks Golem to kill her. Her death causes the Sky Fortress to collapse, killing both Furiae and Inuart, sealing the fate of Inuart's pact-partner as well.

the End of the dragon sphere

Note: This branch ties into the events of Nier.

Caim manages to find the Priestess before finding Furiae. She is revealed to be the sister of Seere. After realizing that she's beyond hope, Seere asks Golem to kill her. Her death causes the Sky Fortress to collapse, killing both Furiae and Inuart, sealing the fate of Inuart's pact-partner as well.

Note: These events DO NOT follow Branch A of Drakengard.

Drakengard 2

Following events similar to Branch A of Drakengard, Inuart, Legna's pact partner, takes the corpse of his betrothed to the Bone Casket; a special Seed of Resurrection present in a location known as the Promised Land. There he enters the bone casket himself with his betrothed's corpse "for love and greed".

The fusion of Inuart, Furiae and the blood of Legna creates a baby child, known as the New Breed, being produced by the God's plaything as well as possessing the heart of a dragon (see Pact).

Legna takes this child and raises him as his own. The child turns out to be Nowe.

Drakengard 2

Branch A

Yes. It has become my duty in life, to protect you. Nothing will stop you, as long as we are together.
— Legna to Nowe, Drakengard 2

When met by Oror, a Knight of the Seal, Legna agrees to give Oror custody over Nowe, so Nowe is raised as a human and a Knight of the Seal. Legna continues to watch over Nowe for the next years of his life and offers guidance and wisdom to him.

Legna aids Nowe in destroying the Seals after his departure from the Knights. After the red dragon is released from her prison, they defeat her together. Legna then carries Nowe to a repository of knowledge created by the holy dragons, where he learns of a prophecy that he will end the war between the dragons and the gods. At this time, Eris catches up to Nowe and joins him. Legna then carries Nowe to an artifact called the Bone Casket, saying that Nowe must enter the casket to fulfill the prophecy.

Nowe refuses to enter the Bone Casket and Legna attacks him. The dragon then departs to wage war against the gods on his own, transforming into his true form: a Holy Dragon. Nowe transformed into his Newbreed state and followed Legna to confront him. After exchanging a few fond memories with each other, Legna reveals that he only cared for Nowe so he could use him as a weapon in the dragons' war against the Watchers, prompting Nowe to break all ties with Legna and do battle with his former adoptive father. As he dies, Legna was surprised that Nowe still thanked him for raising him even after manipulating the boy and compares Nowe's sentimental attitude to Inuart.

Branch B

Nowe agrees to climb into the casket, but the casket attacks Nowe, forcing him to battle it. During the battle, the casket merges with Manah, forcing Nowe to kill both the casket and Manah. At this point, Nowe, Legna and Eris resolve to join the dragons in their war with the gods.

Branch C

Nowe agrees to climb into the casket to fulfill the prophecy, but the casket attacks Nowe, forcing him to battle it. During the battle, the casket attempts to merge with Manah, but she manages to subdue it. Legna seeks to proceed with the plan, but Nowe thinks helping return the world to normal is more important and battles Legna. With Legna's death, both the gods and the dragons fade away, negating the need for a seal and allowing humanity to make their own future, whatever it may be.

Note: These events follow Branch A of Drakengard 3.

Michael - The Gone-Away

The Black Dragon is briefly mentioned as one of the elder dragons during one of Michael's dreams.

Drag-On Dragoon Shi ni Itaru Aka

On Caim's eighteenth birthday, Legna devoured his parents, drawn into the kingdom of Caerleon by One's voice.

While fighting Nero under command from his sister, One begins to sing, with Legna appearing immediately afterwards. After the true identity of One's "sister" is revealed, the Black Dragon reveals his allegiance to her. However, he proceeds to kill her right away, claiming her role to be finished. After a brief battle during which One loses his arm, the dragon reveals that One is the source of the Red-Eye Disease. Legna expresses his desire to plunge the world into chaos and leaves, allowing One to live on, as part of his plan.

Drag-On Dragoon 1.3

During the events of DOD1.3, Legna leads the dragons to achieve his own goals and is described as a dragon with immense power and charisma to summon a large group of dragons to do his bidding.[1]

Spoilers end here.


Like most dragons, Legna has a low opinion of humans, although he is forced to work with them while tethered to the Empire. He is also a ruthless manipulator, using other beings as unwitting pawns to help him achieve his own goals, and has a charismatic persona strong enough to lead a large number of dragons. After being freed from the Empire's control, Legna is a strong follower of the dragons' Book of Seeds and the blood memory of dragon history. While raising Nowe, Legna used his compassionate father figure persona as a mask to hide his true, darker intentions, and according to him only saw Nowe as a tool destined to be the dragons' weapon in their war against the gods, although when he is defeated, or when he and Nowe remain allies, he appears to have some deeper connection despite his stated views.

In the Shi ni Itaru Aka and Drakengard 1.3 timeline, Legna is if anything more ruthless than in the main timeline, wishing only for the world to be plunged into chaos.


Dengeki Online conducted a follow up interview series to their character popularity poll with series's producer Takamasa Shiba and series's character designer Kimihiko Fujisaka. Shiba considers the Black Dragon in Drakengard to be a different entity from Legna due to his renewed importance to the plot. He comments that the exchange Legna shares with Nowe during their last battle were originally going to be said prior to the fight; Akira Yasui, the director, changed it to stimulate the experience. Shiba appreciates the move now because he feels it adds to the theme of surpassing one's father. Fujisaka did not design Legna, but he agonized every time he had to draw him for the game's promotional artwork.



  • His name is "Angel" spelt backwards. Angelus is known as Angel in the Japanese version of the game.
  • Legna is the first dragon in the series to have three skin colors: black, blue and white.
  • Legna is good at calming children down, although he panics when they climb on his head.
  • Legna was also acquainted with other dragons in the series such as Angelus and Michael. He was referred to as "Black" by Michael.


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