is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Average damage but has a long reach and knock enemies off there feet.



  • Ymer's Fang: Sends up large pillars of rock from the ground in front of Caim.



  • Chapter 1, Verse 2
Beat the Stage.

Weapon History

Level 1

This simple, common axe is made of a shaft hewn from plain oak and a head cast crudely from pig iron.

Level 2

A simple, common old blacksmith made it at the beginning of the year in order to open the door of an old shed.

Level 3

Inside the simple, common shed, the old man saw piled high before him the jumbled bones of more men than he could count. He told no one of his find.

Level 4

This simple, common axe made by simple, common old blacksmith came to be called Bonebreaker.

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