Broken Dogma
Broken Dogma
is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Slow speed, avoid packs.



  • Undead Sigh: Creates icy vapor that is shot forward from the weapon, damaging and freezing enemies in their track.



  • Free Mission: The Sky Fortress - In the Sky
You MUST have at least 75% HP upon
beating this mission. You may use magic.

Weapon History

Level 1

There was once a great sect that boasted 246 shrines and centuries of devotion to the holy way. The continuation of the sect's sacred truth was entrusted to the great hierarch, 57th in the line.

Level 2

The hierarch was a grave and frankly honest leader; upstanding as a child of the gods, he was a good and holy man. But at times, his honesty made him weak to the pressures of the secular world.

Level 3

One day, the ruler of the kingdom and protector of the sect asked the holy leader, "Who is the more just, the gods or I?" The hierarch answered that the gods were, and the king became enraged.

Level 4

The king decreed the sect a heresy, and in one stroke. the proud, centuries- old religion was snuffed out. The hierarch, seeing his entreaties fall on deaf ears, plunged this trident into his breast.

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