Butcher's Joy
Butcher's Joy is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Reduces damage taken.



  • Sacrificial Breath: Raises a protective curtain that increases Caim's attack power.



  • Free Mission: The Silent Forest - In the Sky
Kill ALL ENEMIES in 2:30. You may
use magic.

Weapon History

Level 1

Juices oozing from tender, succulent flesh, the sweet aroma of fine herbs... The master cook made dishes of meat that none in the city could resist.

Level 2

Every day, customers lined up outside his inn, waiting for their chance to partake. Even the king himself would sneak down from his castle to sample the master's art.

Level 3

But once he entered his kitchen, the smiling cook's face would grow stern. The meat he used was no ordinary meat...

Level 4

The years passed, and the cook and his inn disappeared from the town. But his cleaver remains as gleaming and sharp as ever, waiting for its next master.

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