is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2

  • Effective against ogres.


Drakengard 2


Drakengard 2


Drakengard 2

Weapon History

Level 1

There once was an extremely valiant and intelligent general. Tales of his bravery spread far and wide, and the streets echoed with his name.

Level 2

The king felt threatened by his general’s popularity. He arrested the general without reason, and threw him into a dungeon deep inside the castle. The dungeon was known to drive its captive insane within three days.

Level 3

Three years later, the king visited the dungeon. There he saw the general, both of his legs rotted away, glaring back at him with unchanged intensity. The general’s stare enraged the king, and, wandering why he hadn’t done so three years before, he drew his sword and prepared to deal the finishing blow.

Level 4

Just before the point of the king’s sword could pierce the general’s heart, he produced a sword from the pile of rags behind him and stabbed the tyrant, killing him instantly. He had fashioned the sword from the bones of his own legs, which he had amputated for the purpose. The general went on to become a noble and just king.

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