Demonbane is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Long reach and hits from the front and back.



  • Skoll's Feast: Sends burning spheres of destruction that hurls out and away.



  • Leonard's Regret, Verse 4
    • Sitting out in the open, partly behind some stairs. Grab the weapon first before fighting the ghosts.

Weapon History

Level 1

This sword was forged as an instrument of revenge by a swordsmith whose family was slain by demons. It sucks in the souls of its victims to grow stronger and stronger.

Level 2

The skilled swordsmith was commanded by the king to make a sword to behead demons. But as he struggled to craft the famous weapon, demons appeared at his home.

Level 3

The demons, enraged that such a sword was being made and determined none should ever wield it, slaughtered the swordsmith's family and left him alive to weep over their bloody remains.

Level 4

Burning with revenge, the swordsmith left the corpses where they lay and crafted the demon-slayer. But the madman who gripped the weapon was little more than a demon himself.