Devilscale is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Short reach, but attack strength is monumental.



  • Belial's Embrace: Envelopes Caim in light for a set period of time and increases his attack power.



  • Chapter 11, Verse II
Go to the large room at the South end
of the map on the third (top) floor. This is the same room you started
in, in Chaper 11 Verse 1. Rush to that room and kill everyone with in that
room, within approximately 5:00. Dont' waste time on enemies until you get to that room. The treasure chest will appear in that room.

Weapon History

Level 1

In a time when gods and mankind still lived together on the earth, a great war raged between the gods and the demons. The nights burned red, and scores of gods fell victim to hellfire.

Level 2

The conflagration burned for 10 days. Then a flood covered the earth for 100 days, and then for 1000 days great tempest swept the land. All plants and animals were turned to dust.

Level 3

But at last the gods struck down Belial, master of the giants and the mightiest of the demons. They shut him up in his hell, sealing the entrance with layer upon layer of thick ice.

Level 4

It is said that the blade of this pole axe is made from a scale of the demon Belial's hide, cut from him when the gods sealed him into his hell.

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