The girl, the dragon, and the monster.
Volume: 1
Chapter: 5
Japanese Title: 少女と竜と怪物と。
Rōmaji Title: shoujo to ryuu to kaibutsu to
Pages: 40
Publisher: Big GanGan - Vol.10
Date Released: September 25, 2013
Chapter Chronology
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The majority of this chapter depicts Bartas questioning both One and Gabriella whether they are strong, all the while Faerie attempts to remind Bartas of their mission. Throughout the battle, Gabriella begins to wonder exactly who--or what--Bartas is.

While Gabriella contemplates retreat, One has accessed another level of her Utautai Mode in which she has no knowledge of her own actions. Seraphic runes wrap around her like ribbons as she engages in combat with Bartas. Throughout the battle we learn that Bartas is somehow able to regenerate any part of his body, whether it be a lost arm, leg, or...

While still in her berserker Utautai Mode, One manages to decimate Bartas until nothing is left of him, only to regain her senses and discover that he is able to regenerate his entire body. Within a burst of energy, the figure of a young boy emerges where the adult-looking Bartas once stood appears.

The chapter concludes with a single page of Zero as she prepares to enter the fray.


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The Intoner Five
Lords of the Land
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