is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Small but fast and inflict the most damage of any sword.



  • Ironfall: brings down huge boulders of iron.



  • Seere's Prayer, Verse 2
It's located on the south-central
nook in the map.

Weapon History

Level 1

An imperial archaeologist unearthed this weapon's blade from the ruins of an ancient holy place. Believed to be fossilized remains of some beast, the substance was incredibly hard.

Level 2

With great care and reverence, the scientist tried to sharpen the rock. But the substance was impervious to fire, to acid, and to all the tools of his workshop.

Level 3

Driven mad by the unyielding substance that say reproachfully before him, the scientist smashed it against his head again and again till he fell dead of his wounds.

Level 4

The darkly glimmering subsstance was the claw of an earth dragon, and only human blood can sharpen its edge. And so for ignorance did another scientist die.


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