Tyrant's Hammer is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Sends enemies tumbling away when it makes contact.



  • Bardiel's Blow: Sends out powerful balls of lightning onto nearby enemies.



  • Free Mission: The Temple of the Ocean - In the Sky
Beat the mission in 8:00 with at
least 25% HP and NO magic usage.

Weapon History

Level 1

Due the the scheming of vassals, an unwilling princess was sent to be married in a neighboring land. On the way to the wedding, her caravan was set upon a gang of thieves hired to kill her.

Level 2

Against the determined brigands, the princess's guards had no defense. But as the death blow was about to be struck, a guard sacrificed his own life and summoned a storm dragon.

Level 3

By the time the storm dragon had slain all the bandits, the guard had breathed his last. The dragon imbued this hammer with his own strength and the soul of the soldier who had created him.

Level 4

Then, in accordance with the soldier's dying wish, the princess bore the hammer with her into battle, wreaking dread revenge on her treacherous vassals.