There are 62 weapons in Drakengard 3; one is unlocked by default and the rest must be found throughout the game. Some are found in chests or laying on the ground. Some must be found after completing specific conditions (killing enemies, clearing a stage under a time limit, etc). It should be noted that certain weapons cannot be found below certain difficulties. These conditions will be noted on their respective pages.


Name Full Power Size Found Traits
Zero's Blade 271 Medium Default Weapon Effective against Intoners. It levels up as your dragon grows.
Sinful Scream 134 Large Chapter 1
(3600 Gold)
An executioner's sword that passes merciless judgement on the sinful.
Eternal Voice 122 Medium Chapter 1 Verse 1
(Chest Item)
A sword modeled after a millennium-old tree. It makes a mournful sound.
Ceremonial Blade 87 Small Chapter 2 Verse 1
(Chest Item)
A decorative sword passed across the generations by a noble family.
Thunder Lord 87 Medium Chapter 2 Verse 2
(7700 Gold)
A sword said to have imprisoned thunder itself. You can hear it rumble.
Virginal Sin 152 Medium Accord's Request:
On the Move
A heavy sword from which several incredibly sharp spikes protrude.
Saintly Brimstone 134 Medium Chapter 3 Verse 6
(21000 Gold)
A sword once carried by a missionary from afar.
Bloodletter 170 Medium Chapter 5 Verse 3
(37800 Gold)
A ruthless sword that helps your Blood Gauge fill more quickly.
False Pact 142 Medium Chapter 4 Verse 4
Gift from Cent
Fables say this short sword was used to slay a certain monster.
Broken Iron 345 Large Accord's Request:
Shooting Stars
Some say this sword is the heaviest of all the world's melee weapons.
Gaia's Flame 154 Medium Branch B Verse 1
(Chest Item)
A sword used by a celebrated holy woman.
Moonfire 215 Large Branch C: Verse 1
(Chest Item)
Increases chances of a many-slotted weapon drop.
Skyward Thunder 178 Medium Branch B: Verse 3
(50400 Gold)
Increases chances of a high-star weapon drop.
Cries and Whispers 150 Small Raise Cent's Affinity The sword used by the disciple Cent.
Once a Woman 177 Small Branch C: Verse 3
(Chest Item)
Increases number of Rupees dropped by enemies.
Imperial Fang 169 Medium Branch C: Verse 1
(50400 Gold)
The sword of a man once called the "Holy Emperor." Effective vs. undead.
Feral King's Wildblade 215 Large Branch C: Verse 3
(Chest Item)
A blade from a far-off, cursed land.
Mourning Thorn 261 Medium Lost Verse 3
(756000 Gold)
An elven sword bound by sadness.
Caim's Sword 218 Medium DLC The sword of a prince from a certain kingdom.
Furiae's Dagger 192 Small DLC The dagger of a princess from a certain kingdom.
Nier's Blade 235 Large DLC The nameless blade of an unknown warrior.
Kainé's Swords 203 Medium DLC Twin swords of loss and muddled identities.
Two's Sword 254 Medium DLC The sword of the Intoner, Two.
Three's Scissors 192 Small DLC The scissors used by the Intoner, Three.


Name Full Power Size Found Traits
Twisted Hunger 116 Medium Chapter 1 Verse 4
Gift from Dito
The spear used by the disciple Dito.
Spear of Empathy 145 Small Accord's Request:
Flint Stint
A spear said to be a symbol of true friendship.
Thunder Princess 186 Large Chapter 2 Verse 5
(Chest Item)
A spear said to have imprisoned thunder itself. You can hear it rumble.
Eternal Wail 311 Large Chapter 3 Verse 4
(20,600 Gold)
A spear modeled after a millennium-old tree. It makes a mournful sound.
Guardian's Oath 203 Medium Chapter 2 Verse 6
(12,400 Gold)
A spear left behind by a grim-faced watchman.
Robber King 311 Large Chapter 4 Verse 1
(25,200 Gold)
A spear of betrayal once owned by a man who usurped the throne.
Conjurer's Staff 201 Small Chapter 5 Verse 1
(37,800 Gold)
A staff that's been passed down from one powerful conjurer to the next.
Bloodwyrm's Flame 478 Large Branch B Verse 1
(48,300 Gold)
The spear of a renowned dragon.
Sins of the Fallen 435 Medium Raise Dito's Affinity This spear was part of what became known as a cursed research project.
Seer's Lure 390 Large Chapter 5 Verse 3
(Item Chest)
A spear that once threatened the royal thone. Strikes fear in weaker foes.
Imperial Tears 378 Large Branch B Verse 5
(48,300 Gold)
The last spear left behind by the Holy Emperor. Effective vs. undead.
Final Knell 574 Large Branch C Verse 4
(Chest Item)
A spear that informs its wilder of their impending doom.
Five's Spear N/A N/A DLC Increases chances of a high-star weapon drop.

Combat Bracers


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