The Elf Village is the home of the elves, settled in the Silent Forest. It is a small settlement that is neutral in all conflicts. Due to the narrow landscape and thick trees, it is protected from flying predators, such as dragons.


The Elf Village was one of the first of many settlements to fall into anarchy after the death of the Intoners.

Caim and Inuart travel to the Elf Village to find refuge for Furiae. However, the Empire had already attacked it and burned the village to the ground. Inuart was forced to take Furiae to the Desert Seal to seek the aid of Hierarch Verdelet. Caim and the Red Dragon chose to stay behind to investigate further. While searching the ruins, they came across a dying elf that informed them that his village in the Faerie Valley was under attack. In that valley, Caim and Red met Leonard.

Further investigation revealed that the Empire had captured villagers and taken them to the Forest of the Seal.

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