Fheng's Glaive
Fheng's Glaive is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Long reach, fast and deal reasonable damage.



  • Greed's Venom: Creates circles of poisonous gas that pours directly from the ground.



  • Chapter 4, Verse 5.

Weapon History

Level 1

A wealthy Eastern merchant spared no expense when he ordered the forging of this magnificent glaive. So fine is its blade that when it slices off a man's head, the victim feels no pain at all.

Level 2

Yet it harbors evil powers. Any man who dares look into the blade sees a warped image of his face. The greater a man's greed, the uglier his reflection becomes.

Level 3

When the merchant looked into the blade, he saw a reflection more hideous than any other. He could not bear to see the ugly face, and swore never again look at the weapon's shining surface.

Level 4

But one day, a demon whispered in his ear, and he was again tempted to look into the blade. There he saw a face so abominably deformed and repulsive that he turned the weapon on himself and cut off his own head.


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