The Forest of the Seal is the location of one of the four seals of the world. Due to the narrow landscape and thick trees, it is protected from flying predators, such as dragons.


Caim and Leonard travelled to the Forest of the Seal to see has become of the villagers. They found an Imperial Garrison where the empire was turning the youth into soldier conscripts. In there efforts to rescue them, Caim ended up slaughtering all who rose a weapon against him. Leonard felt that Caim was being heartless and attempted to save an injured child. However, the child had already been taken by the cult and tried to kill Leonard. At the last moment, Caim came to cut down the child. Due to this distraction, the Red Dragon had to dispatch the enemies in the sky, which tired her out, having them to escape on foot. When they reached the end of the forest they encountered the Faerie King, who informed them of the Desert Seal's apparel.

Playable characters
Caim & Red DragonLeonard & FaerieArioch & Undine and SalamanderSeere & Golem
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FuriaeInuart & Black DragonManahRuler of the FaeriesVerdelet & Petrified Dragon
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