Greed's Reward
Greed's Reward is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Fast weapon with short range, but it is easy to use and delivers a surprisingly strong attack.



  • Voice of Balam: Small fire spheres emerge from Caim and encircle and attack nearby targets.



  • Free Mission: The Crimson Mountains - The Impassable Valley
Kill ALL 5 black ogres.

Weapon History

Level 1

There was once a great merchant who sailed all the seven seas, discovering new lands and trading around the world. This merchant amassed a fortune beyond all compare.

Level 2

One day, the merchant heard of an enchanted weapon known to some as the Dark Summoner. It was said that this sword was hidden in the ocean to the south--a land swallowed in ages past.

Level 3

The merchant set out, resolved to find the rare and valuable sword. After many adventures and much hardship, he found it at last; the sword was impaled in the mouth of a demon's statue.

Level 4

Suddenly bolts of hellfire flew from the sword, and the merchant's ship sank into the watery abyss. Weeks later, his corpse was washed up upon the shore, the scimitar clutched reproachfully in his hand.

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