Guardian's Sorrow
Guardian's Sorrow is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Excellent balance and reach.



  • Cherub's Breath: Restores health and produces a star storm that spins around Caim.



  • Free Mission: The Blue Mountains - In the Sky
Kill ALL ENEMIES in 3:20
without using magic.

Weapon History

Level 1

This sword once belonged to the guards of a holy sage. Though made simply and without ornament, the sword's blade never breaks nor bends, no matter how often it is swung in battle.

Level 2

Fourteen boys and girls protected the holy sage, all of them orphans abandoned by their parents. They lived together with their master as a family.

Level 3

One day, the party was set on by a gang of brigands. The guards fought a desperate battle, rising again from the most grievous wounds to guard the path to the sage's carriage.

Level 4

At last, not one bandit nor guard was left alive. The weeping sage took the sword his guard had held and blessed it, so that it might protect others as his guards had protected him.

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