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Intoners of Drakengard 3.

Bequeathed with great magic, my sisters began a fight in order to secure the world's peace. A seedbed to make the world revere the flower that would eventually destroy them.
— Zero, Drakengard 3.

An Intoner (ウタウタイ Utautai?) is a god-like being introduced in Drakengard 3 that possesses enhanced magic capabilities through the manipulation of magic via Songs. They mostly appear in the form of beautiful, young women branded with numbers on their foreheads.


DD3 Intoner Legend

The Intoner Legend.

The Intoners are hailed as Goddesses descended from the skies due to their bountiful gifts of peace and tranquility to the peoples of Midgard. Their abilities vary in certain respects although their strengths retain a similarity in that most are equally capable of eliminating one another, with a select few possessing outstanding aspects overall. While experiencing a remarkable magnitude of strength, the Intoners are also subject to the odd side-effect of having a certain part of their body growing at an increasingly dangerous rate - for example, Three's hair and (one of) Four's nails.

Intoners are also known to have a very high sex drive and depending on the Intoner's personality, she may either range from being a virgin to being utterly insatiable. They usually possess bodyguards called Disciples to sate these sexual desires, while also defending the Intoner in question. They can also lend their powers to the Disciples to summon forth their magnificent beasts called Angels when faced with the threat of danger. When completely dominated by the flower, an Intoner can also summon Angels unaided, and even a dragon.

DOD3 Flower

The parasitic flower.

Prior to the arrival of Intoners to the world, they are never mentioned within the annals of history. It is later revealed that the reason for a lack of information regarding Intoners is that they are actually beings created to destroy humanity and essentially, the world itself. The parasitic flower inhabiting Zero had manifested for itself a corporeal host to destroy the world as that had been its sole purpose. Upon realization of what the flower had intended, Zero committed suicide, only to be resurrected by the accursed flower that had also been made aware of her intentions.

In retaliation to Zero and as a defense mechanism of sorts, the flower decided to resurrect other young girls within the vicinity to share the power it had granted Zero thus giving birth to the current generation of Intoners, otherwise known as Zero's sisters or copies. Naturally, these sisters shied away from Zero to bring peace to the world per the flower's villainous request. Hence, the events of Drakengard 3 depicts Zero annihilating her "sisters" in order to save the world. Upon being killed, their bodies release a grand cloud of black smog, signalling a release of the flower's evil powers. As Intoners are vulnerable to the powers of a dragon, Mikhail consumes their bodies to enhance his own abilities.

DD3 Three SS2

Three entering Intoner Mode.

In battle, Intoners display an elevated combat ability interspersed with their individual powers. They also have the capability of entering a state of extended power. Since Intoners possess a share of the power granted by the flower to Zero, they also possess a modicum of regenerative abilities, albeit slightly weaker. When an Intoner other than Zero taps into the flower's regeneration ability however, she may actually turn into an undead zombie rather than retaining her form in life as illustrated in the case of Five.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Drakengard 3

Branch A

During the final confrontation between Zero and One, Mikhail is mortally wounded. After One is killed, Zero is killed by her male clone. The male One eventually sets up the Cult of Watchers in his sister's memory and leaves descendents among the human population, meaning the Intoner bloodline persists.

Branch B: The Price

After Five and Four's deaths, in the Land of Forests, the environment is destabilized, and the remaining three Intoner sisters are in the forest. Three dies from the poison of the forest, while One is killed by a deranged Two. In the battle with her, both Two and Zero's disciples are killed, but Mikhail is killed by a Watcher summoned in Two's final moments. Zero then transplants her flower into Mikhail and creates the first pact, resurrecting him and regressing to a child form.

Branch C: Emesis

After Zero kills Five, Four and Three, they next meet Two in the Cathedral City. During the battle, the disciples kill her and are killed themselves when Two explodes. Zero and One then engage in battle: their dragons are killed and they are sent into rages. One is killed by Zero, but Zero is left in a mentally broken state.

Branch D: The Flower

The Intoners excepting Zero and One are consumed by the Flower's power, with Two hinted to have been killed by it. Each of the surviving Intoners is able to summon either a Watcher or a dragon of some kind Four is sent insane, and Five's attempt to resurrect herself transforms her into a zombie-like vessel of the flower. Zero kills them both, then confronts Three, who is able to summon an Ancient Dragon without it breaking her mind. Zero and Mikhail eventually succeed in killing the dragon and Three.

After their final battle, Zero consumes One and allows the flower to bloom within her. Giant statues of the six Intoners appear with the flower as a base and with Zero in the middle. This results in a rhythm mini-game wherein the player controls Mikhail and needs to be in tune with the movements of the Intoner statues and the song playing within the background. Following completion of the mini-game, the Intoner statues crumble into pieces. It is mentioned by Accord that the Intoners are sealed in another dimension, nullifying their threat.

Spoilers end here.

Known IntonersEdit

DD3 Intoners

Intoner Five (Two, Three, One, Four, Five).



  • It is speculated that the Watchers are their legacy as the form of the Queen-Beast from Drakengard resembles an Intoner who had fully undergone the parasitic flower's transformation. It is also possible that the Intoners are the original bid by the gods to regain control of the world and destroy humanity, or that the Intoners, via the flower, are the avatars of one of the gods.

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