Iron Scraps
Iron Scraps is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Mid-power and short range, but can knock enemies to the ground.



  • Broken Earth: Daggers of sharp rocks plummet from the sky and cause the earth to convulse.



  • Chapter 2, Verse V
It's inside one of the huts.

Weapon History

Level 1

A village of serfs, suffering under their lord's corrupt goverment, cobbled together this mace to serve as a weapon in their rebellion. Its crooked frame was shaped by the blood of their toil.

Level 2

No matter how they suffered, the lord would not grant the serf's relief. With cries for justice and freedom, they gathered into a crowd and marched against their overseer.

Level 3

As dawn broke, the peasants charged into the castle. But there they found the lord living as impoverished a life as their own. For as much as the lord taxed the serfs, so was the lord taxed by the king.

Level 4

The serfs took pity on their incompetent lord and cast aside their weapons. From then on, serf and lord lived in harmony, hungry and destitute, together.

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