♪Doo-do-doo-do doo-do-doo-do, doo-do-doo-do doo...♪
♪My name is Mikhail! My name is Mikhaiiil!♪
♪I really love me some Ze-e-rooo♪
I'm not a stinky dragon nor am I dirty dragon♪
Hop on my back and let's go for a ride♪ Yay!
— Mikhail

In the Sky of the Land of Sands is where Zero chases after Three, in Branch D. Three summons her dragon Ezrael to fight off her sister. When Zero was struggle to fight off Three's dragon, Decadus steps in to summon Armaros to slow it down, at the cost of his human form. With Mikhail's fire, Zero was able to kill Three and her dragon.

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