Lovekeeper is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • cumbersome and lacking range, but deals large amounts of damage.



  • Spirit Horn: Summons spirits that fly around Caim and deal damage to enemies.



  • Chapter 10, Verse II
Kill all the troops in the third room
from the end, then run all the way back to the first small room in the center
of a rectangular hallway. The chest is in there.

Weapon History

Level 1

A young couple, blessed by fortune, were to be wed. But on the night before the wedding, a small, shining spirit appeared before the young bride.

Level 2

The ghost whispered in her ear, speaking straight to the weakness in her heart: "Do you wish to make him all yours? Do you wish to ensure his heart is yours for all eternity?"

Level 3

When the girl recovered her senses, she found this gore-splattered axe in her hand, and before her, the bloody head of her beloved. "Now he is yours forever..."

Level 4

Even now, the ghost of the young bride can be seen wandering the village, garbed in a blood-splattered dress and clutching the sightless head of the man she was to marry.

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