Translation by Kestrel

The girl who went mad seeking her mother's love

It was a bizarre spectacle.

Standing before a hall filled to overflowing with hundreds of believers, the high priestess who preached doctrine with a majestic tone of voice was---a little girl barely on the cusp of maturity.

"Now is the time to know the love of the Watchers!"

As the girl Manah closed her discourse with this powerful proclamation, a round of applause broke out from every last one of the believers. She smiled contentedly.

When Manah was taken to this place---the Cult of the Watchers from the valley where her mother had abandoned her, her life changed completely. Unlike her home, where she had been abused and went daily without promise of a satisfying meal, here she could eat whatever she wanted whenever she liked. She had plenty of pretty dresses and toys. Everything, all thanks to them---the Watchers.

There were times when she didn't understand what the adults were saying. But Manah didn't mind. Because, I am a creature loved by the Watchers.

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