Oror was the foster father of Nowe and the former leader of the Knights of the Seal. He was a respected member of the knights and became the faction's leader even though he did not have a Pact. During one of his travels he discovered Nowe with his dragon, Legna. At Gismor's command Lady Hanch had poisoned Oror. Weakened by the poison, he was killed by One-Eyed Man during one of the attacks on the Seal.

Eventually, both of his shortswords came into Nowe's possession, who used them after fleeing from the Knights of the Seal.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Even after his death his spirit had remained at the seal, the place of his death. He harbored great regret for failing to protect the seal against Caim and lingered in despair. However his son, Nowe revisits the ruins of the seal and discovers Oror there. Nowe tells his father of his recent actions such as his desertion from the knights and his encounter with Caim. After listening to Nowe's reasons for his cause Oror felt comforted by his son's words and finally passed on to the afterlife.

Spoilers end here.



  • Oror can tame any wild animal, although he sometimes gets injured in the process.
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