Pitch Black
is a weapon in Drakengard 2.


Drakengard 2

  • The Sharpest blade imaginable, but it robs it's wielder of HP.


Drakengard 2

  • Horn of Chaos: Restless spirits wander around the wielder, offering protection. While his HP drains slowly anyway...


Drakengard 2

  • After Chapter 8, Verse 6 - Free Mission: Complete Haven's Clocktower.


Drakengard 2

  • Cyclone Dance: A standard five-hit attack combination with which long swords start.
  • Hypersonic Blast: This short three-hit attack combination ends in a sharp forward-piercing attack, breaking the guard of anyone in its path.
  • White Serpent Blade: This seven-hit attack combination uses a flurry of wide-sweeping attacks to send enemies flying away.
  • Dragon Blast: This four-hit attack combination unleashes a flurry of wide-sweeping attacks that send enemies into the air.

Weapon History

Level 1

There once lived a man to whom killing was as essential to life as breathing. There was no special reason why he murdered. He was not driven by bloodlust. It was only that murder was all he knew.

Level 2

One day, he encountered a group of thugs who had surrounded a helpless girl. As usual, he murdered every last one them without hesitation.

Level 3

When he turned to kill the girl, he found her thanking him with tears in her eyes. It was the first time that anyone had ever thanked him for what he had done. As he looked at her, he finally realized that his actions had meaning and purpose.

Level 4

Smiling, with happiness in his heart, he brought his sword down on the young girl’s head.

With kindness in his eyes, he paused for a moment to watch the pool of blood expanding around her crumpled form, before leaving the scene feeling greatly fulfilled.

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