Pupil's Club
Pupil's Club is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Tosses with every hit, but leave wielder exposed.



  • Ishtar's Volcano: Violent eruptions occur that send flaming rocks out towards all nearby enemies.



  • Free Mission: The Ocean Fortress - In the Sky
Kill ALL ENEMIES in 3:40 and have at
least 25% HP.

Weapon History

Level 1

This mace was made by an apprentice wizard with a single swing of a blacksmith's hammer. However, this apprentice could conjure little more than small flames.

Level 2

As big as an ogre with an appetite to match, the apprentice did not look much like a sorceror, and he found himself bullied by his master and fellow apprentices.

Level 3

One day, he and another apprentice began a violent argument that did not end until the giant wizard lost his senses, swung his mace, and struck his colleague dead.

Level 4

As it tasted blood, the mace absorbed the fallen apprentice's magical powers. The pupil realized that he could make the weapon even stronger... so he slew his master with a blow to the head.

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