Ravenfeeder is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • has a very abrupt charge in the direction of attack.



  • Breath of the Aesir: Makes the wielder invincible up to 30 seconds by swirling runes of the gods around him.



  • Chapter 04, Verse VI
Walk to the upper left area from your
starting point. The chest is between some trees.

Weapon History

Level 1

A circular-bladed sword owned by a noble family that lived deep within a great forest. It was said that the user of this weapon would be blessed by the gods with three lives.

Level 2

The sword was originally designed as a tool for torture. Its outer blade is sharp enough to bisect a man with one stroke, while the inner is kept dull to inflict hideous pain.

Level 3

Poison can be poured into the handle. As soon as the victim is cut, the poison flows into the wound and causes nearly instantaneous death.

Level 4

So cruel was this weapon judged to be, it was banned by the old kings. Soon thereafter, it became infamous as the tool of assassins.


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