Reaper's Scythe
Reaper's Scythe is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Long range and superb power.



  • Demon's Lust: Sends out magic circles the devour the life force of the enemies.



  • Chapter 11, Verse 2
Upper right portion of the map on
a small bridge. Keep heading NE across bridges until you cant go NE
anymore. It will be on a broken bridge heading east on the last

Weapon History

Level 1

They say that the reaper waits by the gate to Hades. With this scythe he cuts the passage to the eternal darkness--a place from whence no soul has ever returned.

Level 2

A man was sentenced to enter dark Hades. He waited beside the reaper as the grim god sliced open a passage to the darkness.

Level 3

At that moment, the man swung his sword at the reaper! The blade struck home, and the reaper felled. "Foolish human," he laughed. "Your sword cannot help you now!"

Level 4

As he spoke, the scythe rose up and cut off the man's leg with one blow. The true guardian was not the reaper; it was the scythe. And by the gate it still waits for each sinner in his turn.

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