Sealknife: Calamitous Strings
 is a weapon in Drakengard 2


Drakengard 2

  • Unlocks an attack with training.


Drakengard 2

  • Voltaic Tentacles: A circling ball of lightning sends enemies flying


Drakengard 2

  • Chapter 4, verse 9


Drakengard 2

  • Dragon's Dance: A standard six-hit attack combination with which swords start.
  • Dragon Slash: A combo in which Nowe jumps into the air and thrusts his sword into the ground, creating a shockwave that affects all enemies in the area.
  • Dragon's Thunder: A five-hit attack combination in which Nowe performs a spinning uppercut attack, sending nearby enemies into the air to crash.
  • Dragon's Flight: This powerful four-hit attack combination deals a critical blow with a downward slash.

Weapon History

Level 1

A master blacksmith, embittered by the god’s maltreatment of the world, vowed to forge a weapon with which to destroy them.

Level 2

The power of the seal negates the power of the gods, and the seal derives its power from the goddess...

So the blacksmith sealed the power of the goddess into his creation.

Level 3

The goddess lived for her love. She gave her body for the sake of her beloved. She was a fiery goddess.

Level 4

Sealed inside was the fire, the spirit that nurtures the life of the red earth...

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