Skull Banquet
Skull Banquet is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Many enemies can die from one hit.



  • Demon's Whisper: Reduces game speed, decreases damage taken, and increases Caim's attacks.



  • Chapter 11, Verse II
The box will appear after 15
minutes of play time. It will appear on the top floor, in the room at
the south end of the eastern North/South corridor.

Weapon History

Level 1

A mace that belonged to a priest who gave his soul to demons. When his cult was still young, the demons spoke to him, commanding that he gather fresh souls.

Level 2

The priest offered sacrifice after sacrifice to the demons, crushing each victim's head in turn. Blow by vlow, the mace brought his ambitions closer to his grasp.

Level 3

As the cult grew, so did the mound of crushed skulls. But then the skulls shifted and transformed, turning into the face of a man the priest knew all too well.

Level 4

The face was the priest's own. He had paid the ultimate price, and was turned into a demon. He rose and bid farewell to his earthly body.

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