Sorrow's Companion
Sorrow's Companion is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Can be swung rapidly, but skill does a ton of damage and knock down.



  • Jormungard's Tears: Sends boulders of ice smashing down from the sky.



  • Chapter 10, Verse III
Located directly left of your starting position.

Weapon History

Level 1

The mace owned by a warrior-monk who was charged with fighting pirates. When he sailed the seas with his son at his side, no pirate could feel safe.

Level 2

One day, they encountered a gang of pirates led by a wizard. The wizard summoned a sea dragon to fight by his side, and during the fierce battle that ensued, the monk's son was slain.

Level 3

Rendered mad by the loss, the monk slaughtered the pirates and the dragon. But no matter how much he raged, he could not bring back his beloved son, and the monk soon died of grief.

Level 4

Eventually, the sad tears of the monk reached the merciful god of the sea. In sympathy, the god took the monk's mace and made it powerful with magic and the talons of his own claws.

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