Souldouser is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Slow but powerful.



  • Blaze of Brisingamen: A curved blade of light traces and arcs through the air as it slices up enemies.



  • Chapter 12, Verse 6
It WILL appear when 15 minutes have

Weapon History

Level 1

A fearsome hammer that has the power to steal memories. With each blow of the weapon, the victim loses more of himself till he forgets his own identity.

Level 2

One day, a soldier who carried the burden of a sorrowful past acquired the hammer. He began to strike himself in the head so that one by one, his memories began to disappear.

Level 3

But as each unhappy memory was extinguished, an earlier one welled up in its place: Deaths of his comrades... The unhappy decision to become a soldier... The murder of his parents...

Level 4

When at last all the sad thoughts were gone, and only the memories of a child full of hope and promise remained, it was too late. The soldier's skull was broken, and he fell over dead.