is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Long reach and easy to use.



  • Surt's Touch: Sends lightning spheres at enemies.



  • Free Mission: Sky Fortress - Inside the Sky Fortress
Kill 150 enemies to
make the box appear
in the 2nd floor.

Weapon History

Level 1

There once was a nest of vampyres that lived in an old castle deep in the forest. Each night, the vampyres would creep out their lair and terrorize the helpless farmers of the nearby village.

Level 2

Hearing of the villagers' plight, a renowned vampyre slayer came to the village. But he told the villagers that he could not battle an entire nest of vampyres alone.

Level 3

Some young men of the village volunteered to help, and together they prepared four spears set with powerful crystals. That night, the vampyres came shrieking from their lair and attacked the village as one.

Level 4

The battle raged all night long. But when morning broke, all that remained of the vampyres was gray ash. Ever since, the villagers have worshiped the spears as guardian spirits.

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