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Taro Yoko (横尾太郎 or ヨコオタロウ, Youko Tarou or Yokoo Tarou, born June 6, 1970 in Nagoya, Aichi Prefecture) is a Japanese game creator. He attended and graduated from Kobe Design University. He first worked at Namco, then at Sugar & Rockets Inc., and finally at Cavia. As of April 2012, he is a freelancer. According to him, he didn't have a set career for himself after his graduation and only strives to be "popular with the ladies like EXILE". Yoko found himself in his current position thanks to his acquaintances.

Yoko is best known as the creative director for Drakengard and NIER. He is the behind the grim, apathetic tone set within both titles. Most of the characterizations within these games are done under his supervision and approval. Although he is repeatedly told that fans adore his decisions in Drakengard, Yoko has no idea what he wanted to accomplish with the title or why it even has a following. He claims he wants to make works he thinks people will find entertaining, not grotesque or dark.

Early in his career, he allowed photos of his face during interviews. In recent years, he either turns away from camera or hides his face behind a mask. During the Nier interviews, Yoko often wore a mask of No. 7's face. He professes to despise his visage being spread in the media and absolutely abhors interviews, as he finds them a "boring chore" in the development process. Terribly blunt about his opinions, Yoko believes fans can only learn his candid criticisms on his blog or Twitter rather than with the public media or company publications. Within his personal writings, he is quick to note his misgivings about the development process.

Despite the grim nature of his works, Yoko is not a fan of horror or splatter films or real life gore. He does admit to be strangely mesmerized by the artistic portrayals of fake blood. According to Akira Yasui's commentary, the generals mentioned in Kingsblood's weapon story is an inside reference to both him and Yoko.

He is most recently working on a new manga series entitled Kimi Shi ni Tamou koto Nakare, or Thou Shalt Not Die, with illustrator Moriyama Daisuke (Chrono Crusade, World Embryo). The Zero Chapter was released in the October 25th edition of Big GanGan with the complete first chapter due for release on December 25th. The title itself uses archaic Japanese, which utilizes an alternative reading to the common katakana. It is also a literary allusion to a poem of the same name written by Akiko Yosano in 1904 about the Russo-Japanese War.

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