The Seals are a key element in Drakengard and Drakengard 2, acting as the only thing that keeps the world from the brink of chaos. It is unknown how these seals are exactly made, except for the goddess seal. In the original game, there were only four. After the seals were destroyed and reestablished, there were six of them. The Seal system was, ironically, first established by the Cult of the Watchers.


In the original game, there were only four seals. Three of them were part of the world, while the last one was the goddess herself.

These were...

  • The Forest of the Seal
  • The Desert of the Seal
  • The Ocean of the Seal
  • The Goddess - Furiae is the goddess at first, but Angelus takes over after her death.

The Empire manages to destroy all the original seals and plunges the world into chaos.

Drakengard 2

After the seals were reestablished, there were six of them. In addition, each seal was an object and was bonded to a pact partner, known as a guardian. To destroy a seal, one would need to either destroy the object, or simply kill the Guardian.

These were...

  • The Goddess - At the begining of the game, it is Angelus. At the end of branch A, Eris becomes the new goddess.

By the end of the game, all the seals are destroyed. 

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