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The timelines of the Drakengard series, including all the possible outcomes and routes. Primarily based on information included in the Drag-on Dragoon World Inside book that was included with the 10th Anniversary Box.[1] Additional sources are stated next to the events they relate to.


Time doesn't always flow in a single direction.
— Accord, Drakengard 3

The history of the Drakengard world, which eventually came to be known as Midgard, was effectively created when, in AD 856 on the Iberian Peninsula, a great city appeared from the sky, along with mysterious beings known as dragons and Watchers. This event produced what is called the Multiple-World Divergence Phenomenon: when a group of "singularities" (most commonly special sentient beings) come together, splits occur in a timeline of events. This phenomenon has affected the course of events in Midgard for generations to come.

It is theorized in Grimoire Nier that the world of Drakengard exists in a universe parallel to the universe which contains the world featured in Nier, which is ostensibly Earth. Information presented in Drakengard 3 reinforces this theory and indicates that the events on the Iberian Peninsula resulted in the initial point of divergence. The world of Nier resembles our own (real-life) world up until the events that occurred in 2003 Tokyo, as featured Drakengard's Ending E.

Chronological Content Overview

Drakengard 3 & Drakengard

Drakengard 2

Which branch of Drakengard events Drakengard 2 follows is unknown, but it does not follow branch A.

The Timelines

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Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.


  • The birth of Jesus Christ. (World Inside)


  • A giant earthquake occurs on the Iberian Peninsula. At the same time, a huge metropolis appears within one night, while a lot of strange things appear around the world. Casualties aside, this incident shook the very balance of the world. The dragons, Flower and the watchers are introduced into the world. This event becomes known as "The Great Disaster". (Drakengard 3)


  • The Eastern Roman Empire is destroyed by dragons. (World Inside)


  • The Frankish Kingdom monarchy breaks down. (World Inside)


  • Europe loses all concept of nations and becomes known as Midgard. (World Inside)


Nobles and intellectuals from the former kingdoms escaped to the Cathedral City with little more than their lives and set up the Pythagoras Institute to study the disaster and rise in abnormalities throughout the world. (World Inside)



  • An accident of unprecedented scale happens in the central magic institution in the Cathedral City. Witness accounts uncovered at a later time reveal that the dust and debris caused by the explosion resembled a gigantic flower that covered the night sky. (World Inside)


  • The parasitic Flower begins to feed on Rose's dead body. She changes her name to Zero once she becomes an Intoner. (World Inside, Zero's Novella)


  • As the power of the Flower becomes a threat to the world, Zero attempts to commit suicide but fails, which results in the birth of One, Two, Three, Four, and Five. (Drakengard 3, World Inside)
  • Zero and Michael meet for the first time. (Zero's Prologue)
  • Zero begins her trial to prove to Michael that she can subdue the Flower long enough to kill her sisters. (Zero's Prologue)
  • One and Gabriella meet for the first time. They fight off a strange character known as Bartas. (Zero's Prologue)
  • The Intoner sisters and Partition arrive to the Cathedral City. (Utahime Five)
  • Five, Four, Three and Two are killed, only to be resurrected by a dark entity that emerges from behind the Mercurius Gate. (Utahime Five)
  • One forges a pact with Gabriel, turning him back into Gabriella. (Utahime Five)
  • Zero and Michael battle. Zero wins and their alliance is sealed. (Zero's Prologue)
  • One creates her twin brother, One. (One's Prologue)
  • One and her dragon companion Gabriella fight off several hostile monsters in the Land of Sands. (One's Prologue)
  • One and her twin brother undertake a trial in The Forest of Trials in the Land of Forests, where they successfully defeat a fake Zero. (One's Prologue)
  • Zero meets Accord for the first time. (Zero's Prologue)
  • Three and Octa travel to Cathedral City to destroy Three's defective modified Ogres. They later go on to defeat her Imps in the Land of Sands, her Cerberuses in the Land of Mountains and her Gigas in the Land of Seas. (Three's Prologue)
  • It becomes known that the four Intoner sisters, lead by One, were the ones who defeated the evil rulers of the lands and are therefore revered as great heroes. From this point on, a sort of religious faith in the Intoners as the rulers of each land spreads throughout Midgard. (World Inside)
  • One trains her brother in battle, preparing him for his confrontation against Zero. (One's Prologue)


  • Along with the reborn Mikhail, Zero goes into hiding in the Land of Seas to rest. (Drakengard 3)
  • Two and Cent fight off resistance in the Land of Forests. (Two's Prologue)
  • Two and Cent make their way to Cathedral City after a letter from Decadus warns them that something is wrong. There they find soldiers corrupted by Two's power of song. (Two's Prologue)
  • Entering the crypt below the Cathedral, Two and Cent find that their orphan children have been transformed into a giant monster known as the Homunculus, which they are forced to kill. This event permanently breaks Two's mind. (Two's Prologue)

Drakengard 3


  • The timeline featured in the World Inside implies that the world of Nier takes place in a distant future following the events of Drakengard 2.[2] However, this is contradicted by the timeline featured in the official DOD3 Artbook, which shows the events of Drakengard 2 never branch into the world of Nier.[3] This discrepancy has never been addressed in interviews by Yoko Taro or the scenario writers.


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