Trolls are a large, slow monster that usually appears in the forest. In Drakengard 3, they have a huge metal weight attached to their arm which they swing to attack, among other things. They are one of the more dangerous enemies due to their high amount of knockback resistance. It is difficult to stagger them and prevent their weight attacks from connecting, so blocking or parrying is recommended.


Recognition Range: 2m
Movement Speed: 12.75km/h
Attack Speed: 1.2
Attack Interval: 1 seconds
Attack Probability: 45%
Block Probability: 25%
Red Armor: No
Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
HP 40 76 116 156
EXP 35 84 119 143.5
Attack Strength 10 15 21 29
Defense Strength 17 39.1 56.1 68

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