Twins' Fang
Twins' Fang is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • heavy but has a long reach. It will toss enemies to the ground in bunches.



  • Loki's Song: When invoked, a bolt of light-plasma flies directly at nearby enemies, knocking them down and causing great damage.



  • Seere's Prayer, Verse 8
KILL ALL goblin leaders on the
map. The box will appear by the coliseum gates.

Weapon History

Level 1

A long time ago, there were twin gods who gave man the gift of fire and knowledge, and protected him with their wisdom.

Level 2

But mankind fell into corruption, and the twin gods became wrathful. They sent storms and floods to destroy the cities, and great fires to burn the plains.

Level 3

Acknowledging their sinful ways, the people offered this great axe in penitence. It was a charmed offering, washed in the blood of sacrificed twin children.

Level 4

The gods turned the souls of the young twins into stars. Then they sealed the stars within this axe--a grim reminder to mankind that he must never fall into sin.