Windsinger is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Long reach and deals a lot of damage, but is slow.



  • Storm's Eye: Causes a whirlwind to rage around Caim.
 Tip: To quickly level up weapons, max out Windsinger first. The magic
attack for this weapon creates a tornado around you that credits kills to whatever weapon you are equipped with. So,activate the magic, then equip another weapon, and run around, letting the tornado kill off enemies.



Kill 9 of the 10 waves of
enemies in 9 minutes. You may summon an ally. I suggest Arioche.

Weapon History

Level 1

This bardiche is imbued with the might anger of the storm god. Any victim that has the misfortune to be caught in the tempest will have his very flesh and blood blown clean off his bones.

Level 2

In a small village, there lived a boy who could control the winds. Hearing of this, the jealous storm god came down to earth and challenged the boy to a duel of magic.

Level 3

They agreed to see who would be first to remove a passing knight's cloak. While the god tried to blow a storm to tear the cloak away, the boy simply summoned a warm breeze that made the knight take off his cloak.

Level 4

Enraged that he lost to a mere mortal, the storm god summoned a wind that blew so hard, nothing was left of the boy but his bones. At the same time, the storm of rage entered the knight's bardiche.

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