Wolf's Plague
Wolf's Plague is a weapon in Drakengard.



  • Used well with Dash Strikes.



  • Fenrir's Fang: Creates giant slivers of ice that emerge from the ground, freezing enemies near them.



  • Chapter 3, Verse XV
inside a burning build SW of your starting point.

Weapon History

Level 1

There was once a small village that made its livelihood from rearing cattle. But it was terrorized by a pack of wolves that slaughtered the villagers' livestock each and every night.

Level 2

Desperately, the villagers tried to protect their herds, but they were defenseless against the wily white wolf that led the pack. Each night, more livestock was lost.

Level 3

As the situation grew more grave, some began to talk of abandoning their homes. At that, the quietest villager of all took up his spear and stepped out into the night.

Level 4

Two days later, the white wolf was found dead in the woods, impaled by the spear. The villagers raised the weapon over the village gate in hope that one day it might greet the silent one's return.

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