Stupid wyverns. Just a buncha low-class dragon wannabes! They can't even talk! Or understand language! And don't get me started on those pathetic wings...
— Mikhail
Wyverns are a common sky enemy in Drakengard 3. Despite resembling dragons, they are slithering, flying serpents rather than tetrapods, and they lack intelligence and the ability to speak or understand language. 

The Intoner, Four, uses her song to put the Wyverns under her control and also use them to hold her Watcher, Armaros, afloat.

Despite his unprecedentedly kind nature, Mikhail gets immensely worked up about his deep dislike of wyverns, most likely because he feels a sort of eerie kinship with them that he neither agrees with nor is comfortable with. A wyvern's face is very similar to that of a dragon, but without intelligence, it's essentially a slobbering predatory animal, making it repulsive to him in the same way that high-society humans look at a tribe of primitive cannibals.

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